Richard II

1 Henry IV
2 Henry IV


Much Ado About Nothing*

The Roaring Girl (reading)

Hamlet (reading)
Much Ado About Nothing

Measure for Measure (reading)

Julius Caesar (reading)


Twelfth Night (reading)

Richard III

Richard II (reading)

Romeo & Juliet

Much Ado About Nothing*


Foreign Bodies (29-hour reading)

Romeo & Juliet
Titus Andronicus
Henry V

The Suicide
The Cherry Orchard

*denotes Fight Captain

Duchess, Scroop, Richard II (U/S)

The Douglas, Lady Mortimer, Gadshill
Female Swing

Cyrano (U/S)


Moll Cutpurse

Gertrude, First Player

Beatrice, Oatcake


Cinna, Marullus, Messala

Queen Creon


Duchess of York (U/S), Tyrrell (U/S)

Thomas Mowbray, Exton

Tybalt, Hera

Don John

Mary Kelly, Susan

Witch, Macduff, Young Seward, Hera
Mob, Hera, Various
Hamlet, Hera

Romeo, Prince, Hera
Saturninus, Hera, Various
Chorus, Fluellen, Hera

Brave Spirits Theatre/ Charlene V. Smith

Brave Spirits Theatre/ Charlene V. Smith

Brave Spirits Theatre/ Charlene V. Smith

Titan Theatre Company/ Mary MacDonald Kerr

Titan Theatre Company/ Jenny Bennett

Rude Grooms/ Montgomery Sutton

Titan Theatre Company/ Brad Makarowski

Rude Grooms/ Laura Piccoli

Titan Theatre Company/ Marcus D. Johnson

Seven Stages's ShakesBEERience/ Christine Penney

Titan Theatre Company/ Lenny Banovez

Titan Theatre Company/ Lenny Banovez

Titan Theatre Company/ Edward Morgan

Seven Stages's ShakesBEERience/ Dan Beaulieu

Vixens En Garde/ David Hastings

The Fools & Kings Project/ Kenny Wade Marshall

Times Scare/ Joseph Robinson

Vixens En Garde/ Alexandra Hastings

Vixens En Garde/ Alexandra Hastings
Vixens En Garde/ Alexandra Hastings
New York Theatre Workshop/ David Schweizer
Vixens En Garde/ Alexandra Hastings​
Vixens En Garde/ Alexandra Hastings
Vixens En Garde/ Alexandra Hastings
Atlantic Acting School/ Meredith McDonough
Atlantic Acting School/ Joe Ward


Vixens En Garde

Hera Drelincourt



Comic Book Men (S. 3, Ep. 16)

Hera (Guest Role)


Training & Workshops

Stage Combat - J. Allen Suddeth, Robb Hunter, Alicia Rodis, Jason Paul Tate, Michael G. Chin, David Dean Hastings, J. David Brimmer, John McFarland

New York University, BFA in Drama, with honors
Atlantic Theater Company Acting School - Scott Zigler, Charles Tuthill, Anya Saffir, Todd Thaler, Karen Kohlhaas, Katie Bull, Josh Pais, Paul Urcioli, Mary McCann, Susan Finch, George Russell

Musical Theatre Voice - Jack F. Lee, Glenn White


Primary Stages (ESPA)

Auditioning - Jack Doulin

Miami University (Ohio) - Julia Guichard


SAFD Advanced Actor Combatant

Recommended Passes in Unarmed (2017), Single Sword (2017), Rapier & Dagger (2017), Knife (2017), Smallsword (2018), Broadsword & Shield (2018), Broadsword (2019)

Stage Combat - 11+ years performance experience (Rapier/Single Sword, Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Broadsword & Shield, Knife, Unarmed, Found Weapons, Quarterstaff, Bullwhip)

Accents - Standard British, Scottish, Cockney, Thames Estuary, French, Irish, native Midwesterner, quick ear for new material

Instruments - Mezzo Soprano (D3 - B5), intermediate piano, basic flute, whistling

Languages - Intermediate French, elementary German

Athletics - Flag-spinning (color guard), Pilates, yoga, bicycling, dance: Ballroom, Theater, Tap (all advanced beginner)

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